The Outline of Year 2019

1. The outline of the projects

Mainly supported by ANA HOLDINGS INC, we accepted four scholarship students and succeeded to support fourteen scholarship students as well.

[Acceptance for advancement for the 29th Scholarship Students]

In April 2019, we accepted two scholarship students from China, one from Thailand, one from Indonesia and one from Myanmar.

[Applicant Examination for the 30th Scholarship Students]

The examination for the applicants of the 30th
The examination was held in China in March 2019, and also held in Taiwan in March 2019.
we chose two from China and two from Taiwan.
We also conducted the examination in Malaysia and Vietnam in May 2019, and chose one student from Malaysia, two from Vietnam.

[Recruitment of the 31st Scholarship Students]

For China and Indonesia, the recruitment of the 31st scholarship students starting from 2021 was held in November and December 2019.
The recruitment in Myanmar and Thailand was held in January 2020.

[Main Events]

For the 29th scholarship students, the main events during the program in 2018 included Okazaki Kaheita Memorial Hall Training in Okayama prefecture in June. As for the 28th scholarship students, the events included a training trip to Nara and Kyoto in September and training trip to Hokkaido in December.

2. Acceptance and state of education of the five 29th scholarship students.


1.Female, Graduated Nankai University.

October 2019  Entered Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.

2.Female, Graduated Tsinghua University.

April 2020  Entered Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo.


1.Male, Graduated Gadjah Mada University.

Aprile 2019  Entered Graduate School of Agriculture, Yamagata University.


1.Female, Graduated Chulalongkorn University.

April 2019  Entered Graduate School of International Culture Studies, Tohoku University.


1.Male, Graduated Technological University, Panglong.

April 2019  Entered Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center.