The Outline of Year 2022

1. The outline of the projects

Mainly supported by ANA HOLDINGS INC, we accepted two scholarship students and succeeded to support five scholarship students as well.

[Acceptance for advancement for the 32th Scholarship Students]

In April 2022 we accepted one scholarship student from Thailand, and one from Indonesia.

[Applicant Examination for the 33th Scholarship Students]

The examination was held in Thailand in August 2022. We chose two students. It was held online due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

[Applicant Examination for the 34th Scholarship Students]

The examination was held in Vietnam in March 2023. We chose two students.

[Main Events]

For the scholarship students, the main events during the program in 2022 included Okazaki Kaheita Memorial Hall Studying in Okayama prefecture in November, the events included a studying trip to Hokkaido in March 2023.