Outline of our scholarship project

The foundation provides scholarships to students from Asian countries who wish to study in graduate schools in Japan. Outline of our operation is as follows.
(For details, please refer to the updated Admission information.)

(1) Countries eligible:

The People’s Republic of China, The Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, The Republic of Indonesia, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, The Union of Myanmar. Taiwan

(2) Students eligible:

University graduates in eligible countries who wish to enter a master’s course at a graduate school in Japan. (The field for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine are not eligible for application.)
  1. Having the nationality of the offering country, also those who are graduates of the following year of March 31st. must be younger than 25years old by the end of April 1st.(Men under 27 and women under25 in Taiwan)
  2. Must stay at the mother country by April 1st of the following year of examination.
  3. A healthy student with exellence in both academics and in character , who are keen on international understanding and betterment.Also those who are unable to pay for tuition fees.

(3) Scholarship period:

  1. Student at Japanese language school, or research student of graduate course — one year.
  2. Graduate studies leading to master’s degree — two years  (up to three years including the above).

(4) Scholarship contents and other benefits:

  1. Graduate studies leading to master’s degree——120,000 yen per mouth.
    Research student of graduate courses or student at Japanese language school——100,000 yen per mouth.
  2. Full amount of admission and tuition fees
    (Textbook fees and other expenses will be paid by the student.)
  3. Commuting expenses
    The foundation shall bear the expenses for any commuting pass required to commute to the university or Japanese language school.
  4. Preparatory funds
    100,000 yen shall be furnished.
  5. Travelling expenses
    Air tickets will be provided for students to fly to Japan and to return to their home country.
    Additionally, one round trip air tickets shall be provided to a student who has completed one full year of study, for the purpose of a home visit during their second or third years of study.
  6. Dwelling
    The Foundation shall bear the rent.
    It is determined by the priority from the following A to C.
    A. One room of ANA’s dormitory will be provided.(Tokyo district,  men only)
    B. International Commuity House
    C. Private apartment

(5) Method of selection:

Selection will be made from students recommended by university designated by the Foundation,
Students currently residing in Japan will not be considered.